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Deadline for Thesis Submission (Students who enrolled in 2016-2017 Fall Semester or before)

In the Higher Education Council Graduate Programs Regulations, it is stated that the duration for completing an MA program is 6 semesters.


Students who enrolled in 2016-2017 Fall semester and before should


- Submit their theses until May 31st, 2019. (Pre-defense)

- Submit their theses until July 31st 2019. (Final defense)


Submissions made after the mentioned deadlines will not be accepted. Students are strongly advised not to wait until the last moment.



Pre-defense/ First Submission Before the Thesis Defense


Before you submit the final copy of your thesis to the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS), make sure that;


- Your thesis is approved by your advisor.

- You have made a publication related to your thesis and you meet the publication requirement for graduation.

- Plagiarism Check and Thesis Format Check reports are prepared by the research assistants at GSSS.


In order not to face any problems, students should meet their supervisors and start the thesis submission process at least 2 weeks prior to the aforementioned dates. Theses that do not meet the publication requirement will not be accepted and approved for graduation. Students, who are not registered to the relevant Spring Semester Thesis and Specialty courses, cannot graduate.



Final/Second Submission After the Thesis Defense


Hardcopy of the thesis must be submitted within a month after the defense takes place. As with the first submission, it is necessary to make a second appointment with one of the GSSS research assistants for the thesis format check and plagiarism check.


Click here to reach more information about thesis submission and graduation stages, thesis writing guidelines and template.


Click here to make a thesis format check appointment at GSSS.