Application Forms

FR-1007 Master's Program Application Form

FR-1008 Non-Thesis Master's Program Application Form

FR-1009 Doctorate-Master Of Arts Programs Application Form

General Forms

FR-1010 ID Card Submission Form For Students Who Graduate-Disenroll

FR-1011 General Petition Form

FR-1012 Graduate School Course Adjustment Form

FR-1021-Special Student Course Registration Form

Graduate School Advisor Appointment Forms

FR-1013 Master's Co-Advisor Proposal Form

FR-1014 Doctorate Co-Advisor Proposal Form

FR-1015-Master's Thesis Advisor Proposal Form

FR-1016-Doctorate Thesis Advisor Proposal Form

Graduate School Course Registration Forms

FR-1017-Special Student Course Registration Form

FR-1018-Doctorate Course Registration Form (Students Registered at Another Uni.)

FR-1019-Master's Course Registration Form (YTU Student Taking Courses From Another Uni.)

FR-1020-Master's Course Registration Form (Students Registered at Another Uni.)

MA Forms

FR-1022-Master's Thesis Autorisation Form For Online Publishing

FR-1023- Master's Thesis Revision and Delivery form of Hardcover Copy to Committee Members

FR-1024-Master's Thesis CD Cover Page

FR-1025-Master's Student Information Form

FR-1026-Master's Thesis Submission Form

FR-1027-Master's Thesis Committee Proposal Form

FR-1028-Commitment Form for master's thesis delivery to committee members.doc

FR-1029-Form For Master's Thesis Delivery to Committee Members

FR-1030-Master's Thesis Exam Result Report

FR-1031-Master's Thesis-Advisor Change Proposal Form

Non-Thesis MA Forms

FR-1032-Non-Thesis Master's Term Project Preference Form

FR-1033-Non-Thesis Master's Term Project Exam Report

FR-1034-Non-Thesis Master's Term Project Submission Form

PhD Forms

FR-1035-Doctorate Thesis Submission Form

FR-1036-Doctorate Thesis Committee Proposal Form

FR-1037-Commitment Form for PhD. Thesis Delivery to Committee Members

FR-1038-Form for Thesis Submission to Committee Members

FR-1039-Doctorate Thesis Evaluation Form

FR-1040-Evaluation Form for Publications Based on the Thesis

FR-1041-Doctorate Thesis Monitoring Committee Proposal Form

FR-1042-Thesis Monitoring Committee Periodic Evaluation Form

FR-1043-Advisor-Thesis Change Proposal Form

FR-1044-Doctorate Qualifier Exam Application Letter

FR-1045-Doctorate Qualifier Exam Committee Proposal Form

FR-1046-Doctorate Qualifier Exam Report

FR-1047-Doctorate Thesis Exam Result Report

FR-1048-Doctorate Thesis Autorisation Form For Online Publishing

FR-1049-Doctorate Thesis CD Cover Page

FR-1050-Doctorate Student Information Form

FR-1051-Doctorate Thesis Proposal Form