Frequently Asked Questions


When can I send an application for a graduate degree?

You may see the application dates on the academic calendar. Click here to reach the Academic Calendar. 


Is there a GPA requirement for the Thesis Master's Program? Is it required to hold ALES or equivalent exam scores and English proficiency exam report?

GPA is not required to apply to graduate degree programs. Applicants should hold Academic Staff and Graduate Degree Exam (ALES) report and have a minimum score of 55 points. GRE (Graduate Record Examination and GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) exams are also recognized to make a graduate degree application.
Minimum score of 50 points from UDS, KPDS or YDS exams or 50 points from the exams which are equivalent to UDS, KPDS and YDS exams or 60 points from English language proficiency exams held by YTU YILDIZ-SEM is required for the English language proficiency. These are the minimum required scores required by the University. Different programs may require higher scores. Applicants are advised to check the minimum required score by the program they want to apply.  

What does the In-Field, Out-Field mean?

The in-field quota indicates the quota reserved for students who studied at a relevant undergraduate degree and out-field indicates the quota reserved for students with other graduation diplomas.


Do international students pay tuition fee? 

Yes, international students pay the tuition fee before the Fall and Spring semesters. 


May I apply by mail?

No, students can only apply through the Online Application System. 


I have not graduated from the bachelors degree. Can I apply to an MA degree? 

Yes you can send an application but you should hold a bachelors degree diploma for registrations. 


What are the required documents for applying to a Master's degree?

Diploma and translation, transcript and translation, Ales or equivalent exam report and English proficiency exam report, application form and 2 photos are required.


Can I apply to a graduate program before receiving my undergraduate degree?

You can make an application but if you are placed to a program, you should deliver the registration documents on the registration date.


Is it possible to apply by post?

Application by mail is not accepted.


Is ALES required for making an application to a non-thesis MA program?

ALES is not required for non-thesis MA programs.


Should I have an English proficiency exam score to make an application to a non-thesis MA program?

English proficiency exam score is not required to make an application to a non-thesis MA program.


How can I get information about the tuition fees?

You may visit


What are the documents for Guest Student applications?

Guest student course registration form, transcript copy, diploma copy and identity card photocopy are required.


What is the publication condition for graduation?

In accordance with the Senate Principles of the Education Regulations of Yildiz Technical University, dated 03.11.2016, the conditions of publication to receive an MA and PhD degree have been changed. According to this;

Publication condition for MA Degree:

In order to receive an MA degree, students must provide at least one of the following publications, issued with the advisor about the thesis:
a. An article published in a national or international journal

b. A presentation or poster work about the thesis at a national/international conference

c. A certificate/report showing participation in a completed national or international project. If the project has not been completed, a report by the funding agency is required.

d. A document about an accepted patent/ utility model/ industrial design


Publication Condition for Ph.D Degree:

In order to receive PhD degree, students must meet both of the following publications, issued with the thesis advisor about the thesis:

a. A presentation about the thesis at a national/international conference

b. An article published in a national or international journal


About Article Acceptance Letter

A document containing a DOI number or volume-number information to indicate that an article has been sent to a journal and has been accepted for publication is required.


About Oral Presentations

Proof of oral presentation must be provided by the certificate of participation and the conference program.


I have completed the required number of courses and credits, when should I take the PhD Qualifying Exam?

Students completing all the courses with a GPA of at least 3.00 can apply to take the PhD Qualifying Exam. PhD students should apply for taking the exam on GSIS. Students should register to "Doctorate Thesis" and "Specialization Field Course" in accordance with the thesis advisor’s group in the course registration section.


I have passed the PhD Qualifying Exam successfully. What should I do next?

For the students, passing the PhD Qualifying Exam, a thesis committee shall be established within one month at the latest with the recommendation of the thesis advisor, the Graduate School Director and the Graduate School Board.


On which dates does the thesis committee meet?

Thesis committee has to meet twice a year between May-June and November-December.